Venice Unveiled: Floating City of Europe

Have you ever been to Venice or decided to go there? Whatever you are planning, you must understand that it is a beautiful destination for everyone. I went to Venice and it was a great experience where you can get unforgettable memories. You must be stuck on a question of when to visit the place, attractions, food, etc. 

You have been led to the correct path where you can get complete knowledge about the place. No matter if you are going with family, friends, or a solo trip it is a perfect destination for all of you. The attractions of the place are so romantic and charming. Imagine that you are wandering down alleyways, eating gelato, and shopping in the malls of Venice. 

If it’s the Basilica di San Marco that is located in the heart of Piazza San Marco, the Ponte dei Sospiri, or the Rialto Bridge and not only this you can explore the gems and capture the beauty of the astonishing city. Here is a complete guide to Venice, Italy!

What to Expect

When you are going to the city you need to get the complete information of the place so that you can plan accordingly. Here are some basics things that you need to discover so that you can learn about a few things and keep them in mind. 

  • Language: The tone of Venice is Italian! You will also find some local people speaking English as well, but most Venetian tourists have become English-speaking so you won’t be having a problem speaking with them. But you can also learn a few local words so that you can feel a connection with the people. 
  • Currency: Like other cities in Europe, the currency of Italy is also Euro. But there is a large number of tourists attracted to the place which is why credit cards are also acceptable. However, it is always considered to carry cash so that you can have souvenirs with cash, you need to keep some Euros with you at all times.
  • Climate: If I talk about the weather it is extreme. It is very hot in summer. and if there is a huge crowd then the place heats up even more. It is quite rainy and cold in the winter season. It also follows the same seasonal cycle as in ISA when there is summer in the USA it is the same in Italy and when winter starts it goes the same way.
  • Peak Season: You can visit Venice in the month of June-August because it is the peak season. During these months the rush is very high so you will find crowds at most places and the prices get VERY expensive. Not only this can even find accommodations to be very expensive. 
  • Best Time to Visit: You check out the weather condition and when there will be less crowd so that you can visit the place. According to me, you can visit the place when there is less crowd so that you can get low prices and cheap accommodation.

Wandering Around in Venice

  • Walking: One of the best and the most common ways that you can adopt while you roam around Venice is by walking. You can carry a small bag which is easy to carry so that you can easily walk around the stairs or the alleys. You can find so many shops around where you can get food, walking can be the easiest and cheapest way to save money on travel.
  • Water Taxi: If you are going to a place where you are carrying a lot of stuff then you can take a taxi as it will be suitable according to your needs. You can rent a taxi so that you can enjoy the tour of Venice properly.
  • Water Buses: Water buses are a great option to wander around. You can get a bus pass for yourself so that you can go anywhere by using it.
  • Gondolas: Lastly, you can use the gondolas. It will cost you around 100 Euros for every 30 minutes which is far too expensive. You can take it as an optional ride. 

Where to Stay in Venice

There are so many gorgeous corners of Venice where you can stay! If you visit the city for the first time, then you can go to San Polo or Santa Croce. You will be able to explore so many tourist sites and you can also find that there are a lot of tourists attracted to the local places.

Personally, Don’t consider staying in the Piazza San Marco because the place has a huge number of tourists and you won’t be able to explore all the things. 

What to Do in Venice

It is one of the best destinations that you can visit on foot—roam around the corners and see beautiful destinations and historic bridges! You explore everything from shopping or eating or discovering the cultural and the historic sites, where there is everything new for everyone. Here are some places that you can explore. here is the list of some things: 


Where to Eat

Italian food is Great! When it comes to the city, you cannot just miss the delicious and water-dropping food. The fish is one of the amazing dishes and Aperol spritz with a meal. It is a Venetian drink. 

If you are coming to the city in the month (of June-August and in December) then you can go for the reservations because there is a huge crowd during this time and the top restaurants have little space. You can explore the best food that you can taste in Venice and make your journey delicious and enjoyable.


Here is the complete travel guide to Venice where you can go and is one of the most amazing and breathtaking destinations in Italy. You cannot just miss the place. So what are you planning for, book your flights to Venice and discover the astonishing gems of the place.

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