New York: The Big Apple’s Treasures

Hello Travelers! So where are you planning your next trip?  If you ask me I would recommend you to go to New York. The city that never sleeps, no matter what you say but it is one of those places where you can only dream of the city and if you are lucky then you can go and explore places and attractions with your own eyes. 

Festivals, parks, art, and culture are so amazing that you cannot miss them. New York is the city that pulsates the action and life and stuff in the energy when you explore the streets. You can sit back and watch your daily lives. So during the summer vacation, why not go to New York City so that you can enlighten your mood and close the magnificent attractions? 

So if you are planning a trip to the United States and the city of New York then here are some popular attractions that you can surely watch out for. These attractions are the must-visit that you cannot miss.

Attractions of New York

Here are the best places that you can visit while you are in the beautiful city so that you can stop wasting your time on where to go. This will help you to discover all the things. 

Central Park, New York

One of the most popular and iconic places in New York is Central Park. The place is enchanted with its beautiful location and it is a common location for shooting. If you are fond of movies then you might have known that the movie Enchanted, Spider-Man 3, and the city have been shot over here. 

Central Park is a park that attracts a lot to rest around the year. Bird watching, ice skating, and boating are some of the most common activities here that you can indulge in. So if you are looking for a place of exploring and relaxation and enjoyment perfect for you.

National Museum of Play

If you are going with kids then there is no other place that is the most exciting like this Museum. It is a big apple for all the kids who can enjoy and discover a lot of new things. Rochester NY is a must-visit place in New York City. The best part is to showcase the history of the place and also include historical materials like construction, trains, and dollhouses. 

Not only this you can always pick up some souvenirs when you are playing games. There are so many games that you can explore like Pizza Hut Express Taco bells Express, Subway, etc.

Coney Island, New York

Another top thing that you can do in the city with the kids is to go and enjoy Coney Island. You can explore different rides at the amusement park. The park includes a cyclone in Lunar Park, and wonder wheels in Fono’s Wonder Wheel. These are must-try activities that you are going to love. If you are visiting this place on Friday you can watch out for the fireworks. These are so magnificent that you will fall in love.

Rockefeller Center

Few places are as lively as Times Square especially when there is a festival season. If you are wondering where you can go on Christmas then you can surely come here and enjoy this place. The place is popular with all those adventurous people who like ice skating. You can do it under the illuminated Christmas tree of Rockefeller.

Times Square

If you are coming in the New Year then you are lucky to spend your holidays in the winter season in this pic Apple City. It is one of the best things that you can enjoy in December as there is a ball drop that you can watch at Times Square. There is food, live music, parties, drinks, etc. It is the perfect place to stand and say goodbye to the previous year and welcome New Year.

High Line

It is one of the spectacular and unique locations that gives you the highlights of the high line. You can walk on the historic freight line above the west side and enjoy it over there. This is a free thing that you can enjoy in New York City. There are gardens and art projects that you can explore. If you are hungry then you can head towards Tastal, Boogie Down, Grind Cafe, and The Porch.

Grand Central Terminal

It is the most often visited place in New York. It is a place that you cannot miss out on. It is a small city that has dining, shopping and you can even experience culture under the gigantic roofs.

The places are open from 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. There are 60 stores and 35 eateries where you dine. So after spending the whole day, why not spend your night at this place?

Statue of Liberty

If you are coming to New York then you must attend the Statue of Liberty. You can get the tickets for the crowns and pedestal so that you can explore the monuments around it. But make sure that you have reservations for the tickets because they are limited and to be booked in advance. So if you are coming to New York you must take your tickets in advance to visit the iconic Statue of Liberty.


These are some of the fabulous places that you can visit in New York City. The place is so wonderful that you will fall in love and never wish to return from that place. I have been to New York this vacation and trust me it was such a pleasant journey where I was able to explore so many things and learn about the culture and tradition of this city.

So when are you planning to visit this iconic city of the United States that has New York? It is a splendid place that you must visit once in your life.

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