Savoring the Flavors of Beautiful Belgium

Summers are the time of vacation. So how many of you are planning to visit Belgium country? I think many of us now. When we are going to a place, we always think that what are we going to do over there but we just miss out on one important thing, which is food. When we reach that place, we always think that we can find restaurants and go and just fill our tummies. But you know what? When we are traveling, food is the main and one of the essential things that we need to take care of.

Now, if you’re going to the city, let me tell you that it is famous for its regional cuisines. So, if you want to try some junk food or a mixture of mouth-watering dishes, then Belgium is a perfect combination for your food-style journey. It provides a combination of Netherlands and France and German foods that can make you crave it. So, are you ready to travel to Belgium and to have a bite of the exotic and regional cuisines?

Now I’m going to tell you about the famous cuisines that are popular in the city. I’ve been to Belgium, believe me. These are the most fabulous dishes that I have ever tasted in my life.

Famous food in Belgium

Belgium is situated in Western Europe, and it is a perfect place for all the foodies who come from around the world with scrumptious dishes and gratifying tastes that will instigate your hunger. Here comes the popular dishes that you can try when you are on a trip.

Belgian Fries Food in Belgium

What fond of rice? I think many of you are because French fries are a dish that is considered a national food and a perfect taste for everyone. We always consider having them as a perfect snack. But let me tell you, no one in the city calls it French fries. They are known as Belgian fries over here. It is a vegetarian food that is served in the city. So, if you are looking for a light snack and a vegetarian, then you can surely go for it.


Museums are found in the North Sea and are a type of substance like those in France, and serve as a traditional food in the city. The food is served with classic vegetables, white wine, or with traditional beer. Along with it, you can have it with the fries as well, so that you can have a little taste of a sauce of the dipping that is provided, which can give a perfect flavor.

Stoemp Food in Belgium

Now, this is a clean dish that has a superior version of mashed potatoes and is a staple of Belgian food. It is a traditional food that is served with vegetables, like Brussels, kale, sprouts, and carrots and served with mashed potatoes. Along with it, you can have sausages as a side dish. It will give a severe taste to your mouth, and it is a must-try dish.

Grey Shrimp Croquettes

It is a seafood of the classic Belgian food specialties. If you are fond of seafood, you can try it on. It is a crispy delicacy that is made from scratch in seafood restaurants. It is a dish that is this crispy outside and oozing and molten from the inside. But let me tell you, it is one of the perfect snacks among the famous food.


If you want to give a try to the cookies of the Belgian food culture, then you can go for it as well. It is a crunchy and caramel-filled biscuit that can give a savory flavor to your mouth. It is consumed with coffee and some spices that can enlighten your taste buds It is the most famous type of cookies that are served in Belgium and are considered to be the best appetizing food.


It is a soup or a stew that is made up of fish or chicken cream, eggs, and vegetables. It is the counted dish of the city to give comfort food to your vacation. You can enjoy the stew on the cold day and if you want something pot, then we will go for the soup in no time.


How many of you are fond of waffles? I think we all like waffles. Let me tell you that Belgium is famous for this type of dessert. The two varieties that are served here are the rectangular ones that are not so sweet but are topped with chocolate and cream and some grated fruits to have natural sweetness.

The other is small and has some sugar crystals, and it is on the sweeter side. Many places serve this unique taste. If you want, you can avoid extra topping so that you can get the natural taste of the waffles.


When it comes to the deserts, chocolates are never left behind. These are the food that are produced in 19 century and now have become the most important disease of Belgium. Since then, chocolates have evolved into many types of desserts, and are considered the mouthwatering dessert.

You can have a taste of truffle chocolates that have ball-shaped with wafers, or a cream that is filled with crust. These are the delights that can make you crave them. You can also take some of them with you so that you can at your country.


These are some of the famous cuisines that you can give a try when you are in Belgium City. If you are fond of having different types of tastes in your mouth, then you must not hesitate to try them. So, if you’re going to Belgium city of Europe, then surely go and try all these dishes that I have mentioned.

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