Unveiling the Berlin City to View the Iconic Attractions

Are you planning a trip to Berlin, Germany? If not then I think you must do it. It is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. It is the capital of Germany and a must-visit tourist destination. You can explore so many things at this place and make yourself relaxed. The city includes the fate of history, war, and the birth of heroes. 

There are a lot of tourists who are attracted to this place when you are going to Germany. I went to Germany last year and I trust it was a fascinating experience. I got to learn about so many things like tradition, culture, and attractions. The best thing I loved was the authentic food and drinks. They made my taste buds. 

If you too want a complete list of the attractions then you are at the right place. I am going to share about different tourist attractions that you take a glance at and make your journey mesmerizing. Are you ready to take it to Berlin?

Best Attractions of Berlin

So, if you are in the city and a bit confused about where to go then here is the complete travel guide so that you can have and find out the hidden without wasting your time. Are you ready to get a glance at all the beauty of the city? 

Academy Of Arts

Going back to 1697, the place was named the Prussian Academy of Arts which was discovered by King Frederick. But it is known as the Academy of Arts after the place was taken by the Prussian treasury in 1902. This is one of the excellent places that you can visit in Berlin, Germany, and the place includes architectural structures of Germany that have evolved many political hands; they also faced bombardment during World War II. 

It also got divided into eastern and western branches from the Cold War and which have succeeded to survive to present rich art and cultural proof that it has been able to save for hundreds of years.

Entry fee: Depends on the exhibition

Timing: Monday-Sunday: 10 am-8 pm

Berlin Cathedral

It is situated on Museum Island, Protestant Berlin considered as the major attraction of the city. The place comprises an architectural structure that is old and was discovered in 1465 on the banks of the beautiful Spree River. It has seen the fall and rise of the construction that stretched till 1903 and was reopened in 1993. The church is made out of more than ninety coffins and sculptures that are displaying the colorful noble religious and cultural moments etched in the mosaic. 

The Dome’s organ contains more than 7000 pipes and is one of the largest in the total of Germany. However, the edifice is among the most gorgeous places in Germany.

Entry fee: 4 Euro

Timing: Mon to Saturday: 9:20 | Public holidays and on Sundays: 12:20

Jewish Museum

The place is an emblem of German-Jewish history, and the place is known as a remarkable place that you can visit over here. It consists of three buildings, the museum expresses the era of Jewish settlement that provides a deep impression of the Holocaust. It was designed by the family descendants that were killed by the Nazis and was named Daniel Libeskind. 

The place has great architecture that comprises unique interiors that you can surely visit. The structure is open for everyone and you can stroll around and explore the ancient pieces that are kept in the place.

Entry fee: 3 Euro

Time: Monday: 10:22 | Tuesday to Sunday: 10:20

Museum Island, Berlin

A megacity as old as Berlin is sure to be densely populated with galleries. How differently will save the centuries-old recollections that have helped it to evolve the way it has? The megacity houses a cluster of five galleries erected on a small islet on the Spree River. Constructed between the times 1824 and 1930, the architectural monuments hold in its collection of art and literal substantiation that span over thousands of times of mortal civilization, and your vacation won’t get completed without having a visit to it.

It’s a treasure trove conserving a private collection of the Prussian autocrats. The first and oldest of the galleries be to be the Altes Museum. This and the other four galleries were inspired by the Forum of ancient Rome and constructed with a charge to save vestiges and scientific substantiation from time to time. When you go to this gallery, ensure that you are going to have an ever-enriching experience if you are looking for a place where you can spend one whole day.

Entry fee: 9 Euros


One of the most important and busiest locales which are to be a seat for multitudinous sightseer spots as well is Alexanderplatz. Located in the Mitte District of Berlin, some of the major crowd scullers in this area include the 365-cadence TV palace, the loftiest construction in Berlin, the Alexa shopping boardwalk, and the World Time timepiece to name many.

This area of Berlin has been a prestigious position that has been a part of all its political fermentation and social development. However, Alexanderplatz is the place to be, If you’re looking for places to visit in Berlin in two days. 


Here are all the attractions that you can visit while you are in Berlin. These are the best places that you can explore. These are the sports that you can visit and these are one of the popular spots that you cannot miss out on. 

So whenever you are going or planning the city of Germany then you can surely visit here.

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