Explore the Sandy Shores of New York City

If you are visiting New York City, and want to visit the best solitude so that you can enjoy and have fun then some getaways offer beautiful shores or people who do not like to travel far away, Explore best Beaches in New York. When I visited New York City, US I was too bored to go to all the historical sites so I decided to explore the coastal lines where I can sit and enjoy the sun and have a great time on the shores. New York is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever been to and I was so relaxed. 

If you too want to explore the beaches of New York, Then I am going to make your task easier. You must be wondering how? Let me tell you that the coast is gorgeous and breathtaking where you can escape and relax. I will be providing you with the best spots on the beaches that can make you feel blessed and enjoyable. 

Are you ready to explore the sandy shores of New York where you can enjoy and have a relaxing time with your friends and family? If you are on a solo trip then it is the best place for me. 

Sandy Shores of New York – Explore Best Beaches in New York

Here are some of the breathtaking coasts near New York. You can go here and unwind yourself and relax as you explore the pristine places. If you are a picture lover then you can create unforgettable memories and make your journey filled with excitement. 

Rockaway Beaches in New York

It is one of the largest coasts in the United States, Rockaway Beach is famous for the pleasure of surfing if you are an adventurous person. There are two separate stretches where you can surf and experience water waves. During summer, the waves of the sea are placid, which makes it easier for the surfers who are experiencing it for the first time. 

Additionally, if you are visiting the place in autumn you can experience turbulence. The beach is situated in downtown NY city. You can enjoy swimming and taste the delicious food so that you can enjoy your travel tour. 

Jacob Riis Park Beach

The distance of Jacob Riis park beach is slightly away from the Rockaway, and it is facing towards the Atlantic. The beach is also known as “People’s Beach” and the best part is that you will experience less crowd because it is hidden by the summer creation camp. The beach is taken care of by the Park Service. 

It is located in Queens, if you want you can go sunbathing and is one of the excellent destinations. You can even find the local markets around the beach which are much more famous. To reach the coast, you can take the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) subway or even consider taking the bus. 

Orchard Beach

It is another best beach that was created by Robert Moses in the 1930s and is spread over an area of 115 acres. The beach is famous for its crescent shape where you can get a breathtaking view of the Island and the place attracts many tourists. If you are a sports player then you can consider the beach as there are several sports activities held here like activities like basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Coney Island Beaches in New York

If you are on the way to find a beach that is near Manhattan, New York, then Coney Island Beach is one the best gateway to visit around, and the amazing part is that it has got an uplift as well. The boardwalk of the beach is renovated, and some new showers and toilets provide clean and hygienic surroundings. Another main attraction of the shores is that the cheap subway ride starts from Midtown Manhattan and it takes less time to reach there. 

South Beach

This Staten Island beach is adjacent to Midland Beach and is also known as the “Riviera of New York City”. It gives you an excellent view of the bridge called Verrazano Bridge which also offers a vast number of outdoor activities like kayaking, exploring beaches on the bike, and fishing. There is a beautiful two-mile-long wooden. The beach also has a breathtaking fountain named “Fountain of Dolphin”.

Jones Beach

The beach is situated at Long Island, and it is famous for Jones Beach State Park and has white sand on the Atlantic Ocean which appears so gorgeous. There are 6 million visitors that come to this place each year so that they can enjoy fun activities like fishing, swimming, and strolling. There are famous food shops as well. You can get them at cheap prices. Jones Beach Nature Center is a place that you can visit and explore. 

Brighton Beach

The beach is in the southern part of Brooklyn and is also called “Little Odessa” because of the eastern European population and Russian population. It is a place where you can explore the residential buildings, food markets, and traditional restaurants. The beach attracts a lot of visitors who want to enjoy surfing and sunbathing. 

Manhattan Beach

The beach is within walking distance from Brighton Beach in the Brooklyn peninsula, and it attracts a lot of the population who are curious about outdoor enthusiasts. First, it was made as a summer resort but now is a famous destination for picnics and barbecues. You will even find so many parks that offer different activities like tennis, handball, etc. 


What are you waiting for, if you want to explore the stunning sites of the beaches then book your flights and head towards the beautiful beaches of New York so that you can have a journey that is filled with relaxation and excitement. Explore Best Beaches in New York, Make sure that beaches are not a place for solo travelers, you must be surrounded by family or friends so that you can enjoy their company. Trust me, you are going to have a magical experience. 

So get ready to explore the beautiful sightseeing and sandy shores of the coastal gems. 

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