Adventure Rockies and Junkies in Croatia

If you are in the city of Croatia in the south of Europe then here are some fabulous things that you can do. Croatia is a place where you can explore so many activities rather than going to historical pieces and museums. This year try something new. I was too bored to go to the same sights where things are almost the same. 

Additionally, those places are too expensive. There is no problem with the price but why spend so much when you are paying for viewing the interiors? So I decided to go for the best sports activities instead of visiting those same places. Lakes, islands, and cascading waterfalls that are merging with canyons and rivers are perfect for activities like rafting. 

Croatia is a place that is emerging with adventurous activities. You can explore some of the best activities like kiteboarding or canyoning, discovering underwater life, or mountaineering roads on a bike. Various places like Dubrovnik, Hvar, Omis, and Split are considered hotspots for all adventure sports where you get affordable rates that are worth it. 

Mind-Blowing Sports In Croatia

Are you ready to explore the activities of the city of Croatia? These are places that can make you thrilled and make you feel relaxed. So, let me tell you the best activities that I performed when I was on vacation. 

Ziplining, Croatia

The first activity that I took was thirty-five meters of zip lining that was above sea level and soaring over the coastal region of Crikvenica. This is one of the sports activities that you can consider and fly in the sky without wings. In thirty seconds, you can cross 500 meters and feel that your heart is pondering! 

You can explore this adventure at Pazin Cave where you can consider a 40kmph ride that is 220 meters and a 50mph ride that is 280 meters. On the Cetina River Canyon, there is an 8-wired ziplining that stretches 2100 meters and has a speed of about 65 km.

Average cost: INR 1280 in Pazin Cave | INR 4266 in Omis

Tip: You need to ensure that you are wearing comfy clothes and shoes when ziplining.


These are similar to zip lining but you know you can take them without any harness, paragliding is another great sport that you can consider taking in Croatia and there are many take-off spots like Cicarija and Istria’s Ucla. From Raspadalica Camp, you can head over the Cicarija Mountain where you will explore windy chills with the fragrance of medicinal plantations that will make you feel intoxicated. 

Hovering over an altitude that is 550 meters high, you can see the wild mountainous, hamlets, and hamlets. Mount Biokovo, Lic in Gorski Kotar, Tribalj, and Rijeka are some popular spots that you can choose for paragliding. Tribalj, with an elevation change of 790 to 700 meters, offers a smooth flight for 15-25 minutes.

Average cost: INR 5147 

Tip: Beginners should need to opt for tandem paragliding. 

Extreme Canyoning, Croatia

With the proper balance, you can explore various activities like sliding, hiking, abseiling, diving, caving, climbing, jumping, and swimming, these are the perfect places for canyoning in. You can go for canyoning in the Cetina River along with Omis, Badnjevica, Rijeka, and Split. There are 50-meter cascading waterfalls, subterranean tunnels, limpid streams, lakes, 180-meter cliffs, natural pools, and breathtaking ascend-descend that make it a popular and must-visit hotspot.

You will also discover the 800-metre Devil’s Passage with a width of 2 meters and a height of 100-meter another popular place where you can explore canyoning paradise.

Average cost: INR 2771

Tip: You can wear a helmet when you are performing this activity

Cliff Jumping

Deep water beneath and cliff jumping are some challenging adventure sports that you can try out and make sure that you are safe when you are performing this activity. You can explore the cliffs that are off-beat and where you can get the feeling of taking the adventure, it is completely your choice where you can take any height of 2 meters to 8 meters! 

No need that you are going to faint, you just need confidence! When you are taking a jump into the ocean, you can catch up with the nerves and feel scared. This is one of those activities that you can consider while you are in the city. 

Average cost: INR 3166

Tip: When you are going for this activity do not go alone. Another thing is that you need to make sure that there are no rocks. 

White Water Rafting

It is another fabulous place that you can explore in this city. The activity is best enjoyed with your friends and will take around 3 hours to pass water, waterfalls, rocks, and caves formed with the rocks. You can explore the 15-kilometer Una River rafting that stretches from Strbacki Buk to Lahovo and it offers Grade IV and V of Una National Park. Along with that, you explore Kupa, Mreznica, Korana, and Dobra, and on this Zrmanja River stands out and stretches a 69-kilometer journey that has narrow valleys. 

Average Cost: Starts from INR 2,200

Tip: if you are a swimmer then you must be strong enough when you are going rafting.


These are some of the activities that you can try when you are in Croatia. These are one of those fabulous activities that can raise your goosebumps. These are the best sports that are offered by Europe. If you want to experience it then you can plan a trip to the city. 

Along with all this, you will have a view of many other different sports because there are those that I explored in Croatia.

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