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Are you planning to visit the amazing destination. Do you which is the destination. It the Islands Maldives and at the same time you are on the way to quest the travel guide? I think that is the only reason that attracted you here. Maldives is one of the astounding places to visit. It comprises astonishing islands and you can explore the stunning view of the beaches, resorts, and crystal clear water. I am going to provide you with complete information so that you can plan your journey accordingly. It is one of the most breathtaking spots for all of us to take a break from the workload and just enjoy.

Maldives is one of the astounding spots for vacation, solo travel, and honeymoon. It is a spot where you can go and capture the beauty of the beaches and resorts near the water. Apart from that you can have fun by taking on all the adventurous activities. 

You might have a lot of questions in your mind but the best part is that I am going to solve all your questions like the best time to go to the Maldives, What will be your accommodations, activities to be performed, knowledge about the local culture, and food. Your doubts will be cleared here once you go through the complete guide. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start and know all about this stunning place. 

Great Time to Visit in Maldives

When we plan to visit a place we are stopped by the question of what is the best time to go there. Since Maldives is a tropical island you need to ensure that you look for the best time as it experiences a distinct environment. 

  • The dry season  from December – April
  • Wet Season from May – November

But, the question remains the same. The Dry season is one of the excellent seasons for those who don’t like to encounter rain. In the wet season, there will be rain all around and it will make it difficult for you to move from one place to another. So, if you want you can visit the place in the dry season so that you can enjoy different activities. 

Entry Requirement

There can be certain hurdles that you can face while you are visiting the place. So it is your responsibility to solve them beforehand only. If you are not aware of these things then let me guide you that you need to make sure that you book your flights on time so that you can avail of the discounts and best prices at accommodation. If you will in the end you need to pay higher prices. 

Comfortable Accommodations

There are different places to stay here that start from affordable guesthouses to the luxurious resorts and hotels present on the local islands. 

The resorts present here are known for their luxurious ambiance. It includes bars, restaurants, and many water activities. Not only this when you are staying in these beautiful resorts, you can get an excellent and astonishing view of the sea. These resorts are present on private islands, where you can go and explore different activities.

Maldives is best known for its luxury hotels. It offers overwater villas and bungalows and is considered to give the best views of the sea. These resorts are located on private land to give you a breathtaking experience and it also includes bars, water activities, and restaurants.

Local Culture of Maldives

Now let me tell you about the culture of the Maldives. I have found it to be very unique and rich in terms of everything. It is influenced by the Islamic region for its history and geography which are far too presentable. Here are some important aspects that you need to know before you visit the place

  • Language: Are you aware of the official language of Maldive, if not then it is Dhivehi, which is related to Sinhalese, a language spoken in Sri Lanka. But you will see that many people speak the English language because of the high tourism rate.
  • Religion: When I first visited Maldives then I got the knowledge that Maldives is a Muslim country which is why Islam plays an important role here. No matter what religion it follows but when you are visiting there you must respect everything whether it is customs or dresses that need to follow at religious places.
  • Art and craft: Maldives is known best for its craftsmanship, which includes Lacquer work, intricate wood carving, and Mat weaving. You can collect souvenirs and handicrafts from the local shops.
  • Music and Dance: Maldives is also a famous place for its unique music tradition which is called Boduberu. If you don’t know what that is then let me tell you that it includes chanting and drumming. You will also come across the traditional dance form called bandiya which women are enjoying.
  • Food: It is a famous place for its fusion of cuisine of Indian Arabic flavors and Sri Lankan flavors of seafood and coconut. Some of the popular dishes are Roshi and fish curry.
  • Traditional Sports: There are a lot of traditional sports as well that you can experience like Bai Bala, Vada Maha, and Doni polo.
  • Festivals: You will find that Eid al-Adha, national day, and Eid al-FitrVisitors are popular festivals where you can take part and enjoy.
  • With all this information, you might have got to know that Maldives is a place that includes vibrant and rich culture, which is spread across history and geography. You can learn about various things like tradition, music, dance and all the beautiful appreciations that are included. 


So far, I have covered all the important information related to the perfect destination for your vacation which is the Maldives. You can visit that place and enjoy the vibrant culture and the activities offered by the people. Apart from that you can also learn a few local words that will help you to stay connected with the people. 

Now start planning your trip and make it the most incredible experience of your life.

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