Empowered Wanderer: Women’s Solo Travel

Hey wanderer! Are you confused about whether you should try Solo travel? Solo Travel is not just a journey, it is a feeling that makes you feel delighted and that you can enjoy all by yourself. I think solo travel is one such thing that you must try in your life. Have you ever thought about it? If not then you must go for it because that can be the best part of your life.

I went on solo travel once in my life and guess what it was an incredible experience. I learned so many things about solo traveling that I can’t even express. Being a girl was difficult at first and I was not so comfortable about it but with encouragement, I was able to become more confident

So, if you are not sure about it, let me share some insights with you where you will be able to enjoy your solo journey and get enlightened with new pathways. 

Reasons for Solo Travel

It’s your Call

What if you prefer to go off-grid and go to a place that is filled with peace and calm so that you can just relax? Then what are you waiting for? It’s your call and you must start your journey now

But what if you want your friends too on the trip? Then you might hear the answer that they are busy and can’t go. Don’t spoil your mood and at first there is no requirement to ask anyone. Just pack your stuff and head towards your planned destination. 

When you are going with your friends you may suffer from lots of problems like if you prefer street food and your friend likes to be in a restaurant. Then you might feel like you are adjusting again. You are intelligent to understand that going alone is a great thing.

No Waiting

The best thing when you go alone is that you need not wait for anyone. You will be free to do whatever you want to do at any time. You can leave according to your preference and head towards your place. 

I wanted to do a lot of things and was not able to grow anywhere because either my friends were not ready or they needed to take a rest. When we plan to go to a new place then we try to visit every destination and it is not possible when we are without friends. You can only do it when you are all alone so that you can vibe according to plans. 

You will be confident to Solo travel

The hurdles you face while traveling, you will discover that you can overcome them when you plan alone. You will learn to manage your things and plan your journey. Not only this you can even visit the hidden gems if you do proper planning and research work. 

You will do each things alone whether it is booking, navigating your hotels, or the famous attractions you need to visit. This can be a very challenging task for you, so you need to be very precise in planning and research work

You get connected to new people

When you don’t have anyone to fall back on, you try to discover all the new places. One of the biggest advantages is that when you are alone you get involved in a new group to connect with new people around you. 

Going solo doesn’t mean that you don’t need company. You can join travel groups so that you can come around the place and get knowledge about the local markets. So why leave this great option? 

Notice more

When traveling alone, you will notice more things and small details, take more pictures, feel deeply, and wander around for long hours. When you go with friends or family then you are more likely to visit. When you are going to a new place you will go and visit every small attraction and notice all the details more carefully. 

Me Time

If you prefer to spend time alone then solo travel is best for you. When you go with friends or family you won’t be able to get peace. When you are going out you can focus on yourself and think about all those things that make you feel happy and enjoyable Travel.

You just need to take a step to get a fresh sense of perspective. You will discover yourself. You will be free from all the social stuff and all the worries of work. You will get to spend “Me Time”.

You can decide your budget for the Solo Travel

It can be challenging when you are with someone who doesn’t match with you when it comes to budget. You might have a tight budget and are likely to spend less and your friend may result in high expenses. To avoid these situations you can always prefer to go alone.

When you travel alone you will be able to save money on your expenses. You will choose those options for your accommodation that are less expensive. You can go for the local street food as they turn out to be cheap and tastier than the restaurants. 

You will get stronger as you Solo Travel

When you travel alone you get stronger and able to come across difficulties. You will gain confidence and you will learn to enjoy your own company. You will become stronger than ever and start to make better decisions for your life. 

No Worries

I know going with friends seems to be good and you will be lucky to have them in your life who accompany you on the outings. But at the same time, they also bring worries like conflicts, preferences, and where to stay. When you are out you need to follow the schedule that is preferred by everyone and this is the worst part because when you are out you need to enjoy yourself no matter how tired you are.

So, it is always good to travel alone and become the sole decision-making for yourself. 


Whether it is a weekend or just traveling to a different state or city, there are so many advantages to a solo trip. Plan your solo trip now and enjoy the freedom.

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