Germany’s Serene Water: Discovering Nature (Germany Lakes)

Have you ever been to Germany? If so, who are the people who visited Munich. I  think it is one of the fabulous destinations that you cannot miss when you are visiting Germany Lakes.

These are the cities that are full of blessings of nature and you are lucky if you have been to these places. Munich is considered the gem of Germany. It is located in the Alps and has lots of tourist attractions which will never make you feel bored. You may have various places like gardens, city parks, or historical sites but have you considered going to lakes? I must recommend to you one thing that Munich has the most beautiful lakes. If you are visiting the city then you cannot miss the way to go there.

For this, I have got you a complete guide to the stunning lakes in Munich. Are you ready to explore them?

These are places that will blow your mind and you can figure that instead of visiting the same sites again and again, enjoy the fabulous view of the lakes, click some snaps so that you can take unforgettable memories with you.

Lakes of Germany

If you are a great lover of the Alpine lakes, then you must consider visiting Munich. I must tell you that you feel blessed by visiting the lakes where you spot the scenic beauty.

Lake Starnberg, Germany Lakes

It is the lake in Munich which is located within a small drive of 30 minutes and it will take you to s bahn from the Marienplatz to the fifth largest freshwater that covers Germany. It is located 25 km from the city and you can have a great escape from the hustle of the city and find some time in solitude. 

If you are not convinced by all of these things then you can also refer to the poem The waste land which is especially based on the lake. The best time for visiting the lake is during the summer so that you can take the boat and enjoy the dip in the middle of the lake. Winters are the best if you take a stroll around the shore of the lake and you can also enjoy the picturesque.


If you’re planning a trip to Germany and not visiting the lake ammersee in Munich then you are highly unlucky. It is one of the most popular lakes in this city as it is one of the third biggest lakes that is located in the west of the city centers. There are so many areas that you can visit in Ammersee where you can also spend some memorable time with your loved ones. 

It is a special place that is located in the Herrsching of the place that offers a beach that offers different sports activities, open bars, and barbeque. You can even make sure that you take a proper rest on the beaches. You can take a sun bath under the old trees and make it an idle place for your family so that you can spend time with enjoyment and relaxation.

Walchensee, Germany Lakes

It is the lake that is known for being the deepest of the alpine in lakes of Germany. The water is approximately deep about 200 meters and it is spread over an area of 16 km. The lake is well appreciated because of the neighboring mountains and the panoramic views given by them. If you want to visit this lake then summers are the best time because you can explore different activities and take part in activities such as diving, pedalos, and hire a boat. 

If you know swimming you can swim in the Crystal Clear Water. Not only this, but you can also take part in many other activities like sailing, fishing, and surfing. If you love tracking then you can also go to the nearby mountains and perform hiking. You can also stall around the beautiful Pine trees and create some incredible memories.


Another lake that contains stunning freshwaters which are located within a 90-minute drive of Munich City. It is one of the popular meeting points for the three rivers and you cannot forget this one lake if you are in Munich City. Remember that you do not forget to pack all the essentials that you need to take to a beach like unblock,  sunglasses swimming wear before you go to the lake. 

Prienavera is another Lakeshore that is located and it’s one stop for all the people who need relaxation time. There is an outdoor and indoor swimming pool as well as Sona where you can rejuvenate the process. There are so many lakes side restaurants where you can head and have a bite of the delicious foods and gain some carbs.

Riemer See

This is another must-visit destination that is located in the east of Munich.  You are just going to love it and it will give you a glance of the German Lake legends. You can go and enjoy the view of the lake and it is located 30 minutes from the city Marienplatz and the artificial lake that is designed by the French artist Gilles Vexlard. 

The lake is spread over 7.7 hectares and it consists of a huge park area as well you cannot forget to take the important things like sunscreen so that you do not get tan. You can enjoy the natural shades of the sun as well it is one of the popular destinations. The place is very popular among both tourists and locals and is considered to be the picnic spot where you can go and spend time.

Lake Tegernsee

Another popular and frequently visited lake in Munich is the late Tegernsee. It is popular because of its upmarket and the posh standing of the city it is known among the locals because of its infrastructure especially when it is contrasted with the lakes in the proximity of Eibsee and Walchensee. 

It is also known for its charming villages and quaint, hiking, and plethora. It is one of the best places where you can enjoy and take pleasure and chill around the beaches.


So these are the best lakes that you can visit when you are visiting Munich City make sure that you carry all the essentials with you so that you do not face any problems, Germany Lakes. If you are in Munich City then do visit these places because they can uplift your mood.

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